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reyals 08:33 AM 01-08-2012
Noob greeting to all!

I recently received an aiwa lp-3000.

I'm currently restoring it. it had a couple of issues. the mount for the turntable motor was broken, but I've fixed that. I also have to replace the spindle(bent), and will do that as soon as possible. the belt on the endless screw needed replacing as well.

I have done all that, but when I put a record on and press play, the arm moves towards the center of the record, but it doesn't drop the arm, and then returns it to it's original position.

any idea what could be wrong on it?

I'm also looking for a new cartridge, any idea where i can find one?

I'm completely new to vinyl, but when I saw the table I fell in love with it, so if there's any help or advice anyone can give me it would be much appreciated!
jvc 04:02 PM 01-08-2012
Find cartridge here: Needle Doctor
jvc 04:44 PM 01-16-2012
I know that Pickering and Shure are pretty good cheaper ones. There's also Empire, but I didn't see them on that site. The more expensive the cartridge is, the better it's supposed to be...... I guess some would argue that point.
liyucmh 07:37 AM 02-08-2012
I like the things which is Inexpensive.I think many people have the same opinion.
Bigaltyson 04:48 PM 03-08-2012
I just got an LP-3000 as well and had the exact same problem. I found that by adjusting the tonearm height to 4.5mm from the mat to the tip of the stylus ( as specified in the manual ) it worked fine. If the arm is too high, the sensor in the headshell can't pick up the reflections from the record and will think no record is on the platter so won't stop or lower. The height control is the small knob at the front of the tonearm base on top.
You'll also probably need to replace the rubber belt that drives the tonearm lateral movement as it will work fine at high speed but will slip when playing if the belt is old.
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