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Othello 12:34 PM 12-08-2010
I have a lot of music cassettes that I listen to, and I would like to transfer them to CD and hopefully prolong their life.

Could anyone suggest the best way to do this, and what equipment I would need?
jvc 01:26 PM 12-08-2010
Othello 06:31 AM 12-09-2010
Originally Posted by jvc:
Here's one way..........
Victoria Tunewriter III - Cool Record Players[/url]
Are these very expensive, I am on a budget. Is it possible that I could hire one for a week or so? It does seem an extravagant expense for something to be used for a limited time. If I am not able to hire, are there companies that would do this for me?
jvc 02:19 PM 12-09-2010
You can check local rental places, to see if any rent them. Kinda doubtful though.
There are places that will do it for you, but they usually aren't very cheap. Buying the recorder may be cheaper. The price of the one in the link is $150, which isn't bad, considering all it will do. Another brand may be cheaper. Crosley is a brand that has similar equipment. I've seen them in Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Check them out.
Othello 10:49 AM 12-10-2010
Yes thank you JVC, I agree that $150 is not too bad. I will check the ones you suggest. I am sure that I will find the right equipment for the job.

When I am done, I could always advertise it for sale and let someone else have the benefit, for their cassettes.
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