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amsignal 04:37 PM 07-12-2010
I'm still new on this site, and while I'm not a spammer, I've noticed something that might give people the impression that I am. I just made a thread about installing an outside stereo system, and noticed that on the word "process", the first 3 letters were highlighted, and when clicked on, linked me to an ad. What is going on there?
jvc 06:03 PM 07-12-2010
That's not your fault. It's something to do with the board software. It picked up on the word pro, being part of the word you used. There will probably be other words too that we just haven't seen yet.

That's weird. It didn't pick the same word out of probably...........?
Stereomatic 02:29 AM 08-17-2010
Thta's really interesting and I am testing it here with another 'p' word by asking if by producing such accidental letter clusters, are we promoting a new form of SEO intelligence? (I am curious to see if it only picks up on Pro rather than pro.)
Othello 10:25 AM 12-12-2010
This could be a 'happy accident'. Wouldn't it be great if we could hone on how this happened. It could boost many websites by adding the letter 'clusters' when actually building the site.

Just imagine if 'aud' or 'pro' were used here, the income and traffic would certainly rise.
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