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amsignal 04:31 PM 07-12-2010
I'm in the process of enclosing my front porch and would like to put a stereo system out there for entertaining. Do you have any suggestions?
jvc 06:11 PM 07-12-2010
Any system you like should be ok if it's going to be closed in.

Something to think about. Not sure how expensive it would be though. A friend closed in their front porch a few years ago. They used sliding glass patio doors, with screens, as their walls to the new room. In the summer you can slide the doors open, and with the screens there, it's like having a screened in porch. In the winter, all that glass attracts the heat, and it's like a sun room. I thought it was a fantastic idea. I would do the same thing if our house had a porch. Their's was a great place to sit and visit, when we went over.
Good luck with whatever you do.
amsignal 01:57 AM 07-16-2010
Thanks for the advice. The beams that are already in place make it impracticable for sliding doors, so I'll probably just use a regular door with a glass/ screen window.
Kewpie 02:10 AM 10-02-2010
One thing to think about with build-ons is ventilation. I have seen some lovely porches and sun rooms that suffer from condensation problems. I would check this out before leaving electrical treasures in the room long term.
cqforum 03:33 AM 05-28-2011
Outdoor sound and how the relationship between the glass?
I learn more. thanks.
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