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Hobbyist 02:24 PM 09-23-2010
This site gave me a lot of laughs so I thought I'd share it. (I came across it via a message board where one poor soul had been duped by something similar - this one is a spoof ... or is it?)
doremi 04:05 PM 09-23-2010
It's good for a few laughs, but you'd need to very ahem "challenged" to fall for something like that, or living on the moon. That's the only two answers I could imagine.
Giantslayer 03:57 AM 09-24-2010
Very amusing! I can imagine some people falling for it, especially if they are new to audio and have a leaning towards 'alternative' things. If you have the time to look for similar stories you will find genuine accounts of people finding the crystals on the cable useful, although of course it is all in their mind.
AlexzJohnson 04:44 AM 09-25-2010
And this is EXACTLY why I need my boyfriend's opinion before I think about getting any type of electronics. There are so many crazy, cool gadgets coming out, that it's getting hard for me to know what's possible and just totally fake lol.
Kewpie 09:13 AM 09-25-2010
I liked the site, was almost tempted to see how far they take the joke and try to order something! On another note though, there are people who practice Feng Shui and believe in arranging furniture to create this with music. I don't really understand the ying and yang of audio but there are plenty who believe in it!
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