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amsignal 04:17 PM 07-24-2010
Do you believe in bad luck? Jinxes? The technical aspects of this phone might have you thinking twice about it. This story highlights all the technical glitches this phone has had since it's inception.

soundman 06:03 AM 08-29-2010
I can't believe Apple think that throwing a software fix at an engineering problem is going to solve all problems. They should make the gap larger between the metal bands, don't blame the users for a engineering problem.
Hobbyist 12:03 PM 09-05-2010
It's really sad to read about someone committing suicide, and I fully appreciate that Chinese culture avoides using the number 4, but I think it's a bit of a stretch to connect the two things as this article does. If you look at the attitude to shame and failure in Chinese philosophy it is not unusual for workers to take extreme actions in such cases.
jvc 04:15 PM 09-05-2010
I moved this thread because it has nothing to do with headphones. Since there's no forum area for phones, I just moved it to Off Topic.
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