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molla 07:52 PM 12-17-2010
Does anyone have a home video rig set up, with a massive screen, projector and surround sound? I am looking at setting one up myself but I am not sure where to get a decent projector that wont make it see pixelated.
beat 06:22 PM 12-18-2010
I think you would be hard pressed to but a projector that makes the image pixelated. maybe washed but not pixelated. As for where, there are a bunch of reviews online for all price ranges and they usually have sample pictures.
amplitude 06:53 PM 02-07-2011
It's not pixelation you have to worry about with a projector. You should rather see how powerful the "lamp" is, how wide a color range does it have and so on. If you are really unsure, ask the guy in the store if you can fire it up to see what image quality it has.
beendala 09:34 AM 02-14-2011
Celebrities have successfully stopped the distribution of these types of videos so you can, also. You do need to get a lawyer, but you may be able to resolve this with a stern letter from the atty for very little money.
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