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neutron 08:06 AM 12-05-2010
I have a bunch of family videos and I was curios if there is a way to convert them into digital format since tapes magnetize and are a huge pain in the backside to store.
scratch 08:27 AM 12-05-2010
It's quite simple actually, you buy a converter which will turn the signals coming from the rca plugs to an usb signal, connect it to the pc, use the software that came with the converter and voila you have digitized your vhs tapes.
jvc 03:34 PM 12-05-2010
Can also get a combo VHS and DVD unit. Record the VHS to DVD and you're set to go.
doremi 11:24 AM 12-06-2010
I was under the impression that those combo units only read and don't write jvc, I could be wrong however, but I'd also be in favor of an usb converter since you can edit the images on your pc to spruce the quality up a bit.
jvc 02:04 PM 12-06-2010
The whole purpose in the combo units to start with was for people to copy their home movies to dvd. You cannot copy a commercial movie from vhs to dvd on them, but copying home movies or recording tv shows to dvd shouldn't be a problem. See this one: Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder, Black: Electronics Read the customer reviews about it. Do a search on Amazon for other brands and see which sounds the best to you. Good luck!
doremi 04:17 PM 12-08-2010
Yup, I was wrong seems they were embedded with a writing laser to, I just made the conclusion to keep prices down they they made the read only, I guess the real question now is how much are you willing to spend, since if you already have a vhs player you'll probably not want to invest in another one.
neutron 06:55 PM 12-08-2010
Thanks guys for the quick answers I think I'll go with the usb option, since I don't want to buy another vhs player and I can try my hand at editing them a little on the pc to.
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