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doremi 11:54 AM 10-04-2010
I was curios if anybody knew what kind of projectors theaters use, I imagine it's not the ones you go to your tech shop and pick up for 1000 bucks. So does anybody have any ideas?
jvc 12:31 PM 10-04-2010
Here's some info with pictures:
A lot of theaters are using digital DLP projectors now. Imax theaters use different projectors than the regular theater.
JaymeeD 12:50 PM 10-04-2010
What's up with the links at the moment? Am I right in thinking that the type of projector depends on the size of the film used? Does digital cinema do away with conventional projectors altogether?
Jazz 10:32 AM 10-05-2010
Jaymee I would think so, yes. recently I've been reading about DLP projectors which have a DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) in them. These are said to be great for wide angle viewing and can be used on any size screen without losing picture quality. I am not sure if this technology has been widely adopted in the cinemas as yet though.
doremi 02:25 PM 10-05-2010
Thanks jvc for the info, I never imagined they were so big compared to home market projectors. Wonder how they do 3D, simplest option would be two projectors I guess.
trailblazer 10:04 AM 10-07-2010
Many cinemas are also switching to digital projectors so the distributors can send the movies down an encrypted link to the cinema, so prevents the loss of reels in distribution.
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