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AlexzJohnson 01:57 AM 09-22-2010
I was wondering, how do you edit videos? I want to take all the videos that I have of my family and upload them onto YouTube. However, I really want to first edit them and make them more interesting. Is it easy? I'm a total beginner at this!
blademaster 07:51 AM 09-22-2010
Are you using a PC or a mac? Which version of windows are you using if it's a PC? I know there are some that come with windows that you could use to edit them.
Giantslayer 03:29 PM 09-22-2010
If you want to spend around $50 for the software and are a fairly confident learnee then have a look at CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Deluxe. Blademaster's questions are important so when we have some more clues it will be easier to recommend things. (Great project by the way.)
AlexzJohnson 11:16 PM 09-22-2010
Okay, thank you both for the information. Well, I have a Compaq Laptop and I'm using Windows 7. I'm very new to this, so if you could talk to me like a total newbie when you explain anything, that would be appreciated I have a LOT to learn
beendala 09:36 AM 02-14-2011
yes, windows movie maker is a free best video editing. but it support wmv video format file. if your video files is not right the format, you need a video converter to convert your video files to windows movie maker supported video format.
neutron 03:08 PM 02-14-2011
If you find that you are lacking in any software to do the job you have set out to do, just type in freeware or shareware after there function in google and presto you will have found what you are looking for, plus there are also guides and readmes supplied with everyone of them, you won't become an editing guru, but it will teach you the basics.
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