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Stereomatic 04:53 AM 08-30-2010
A couple of my buddies are planning to make a documentary sometime soon. They plan to enter it in some kind of competition but at amateur level. I think they'll be fine with the usual type of hand held recorder people use for parties and birthdays, but as I've never bought or used one maybe I am way off. Anyone here with suggestions?
Jazz 04:13 AM 08-31-2010
A little off rather than way off, as people have different cameras to start with, depending on their taste and budget. You need to know what kind of film they are looking to make. Will it be shot at night? How much interaction will they have with people in it? Are they going to need to hold the camera for long periods?
crackles 11:54 AM 08-31-2010
Why not get one of the flip video recorders. I've seen the quality of the footage from these and I was impressed. Don't know how much you can record on them though.
Hobbyist 01:59 AM 09-03-2010
Good idea Crackles. I like the look of the Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder. You do have to bear in mind though that it will record for about two hours before getting full.
Stereomatic 02:35 AM 09-03-2010
Thanks for the replies guys. I asked them about the specs of the plan and it seems that lighting isn't such an issue but they will need something they can use for a good while and at close quarters. The Flip model looks good, will suggest it.
JaymeeD 04:14 AM 09-07-2010
I want to see the finished product too. I really like the way that the Internet has given everybody the opportunity to become film makers! The social history of communication and self expression is fascinating.
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