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lukas 10:05 AM 05-13-2008
The DIYEDEN SVDAC04-U is designed for maximum transparency and low cost for critical playback in mobile device (Squeezebox, Computer) applications, upgrades to a vintage CD player or any application that needs a DAC with a quality headphone amplifier. It accepts up to 96 kHz.

No shortcuts were taken in the implementation of the DIYEDEN SVDAC04-U. The D/A conversion chip is a Burr Brown PCM1716 designed for High grade Digital Audio applications that can achieve a 96kHz sampling rates with 24-bit audio data. PCM1716 uses a newly developed, enhanced multi-level delta-sigma modulator architecture that improves audio dynamic performance and reduces jitter sensitivity. The internal digital filter operates at 8x over sampling at a 96kHz-sampling rate. The PCM1716 makes a great DAC for DVD-Audio and other high samples applications since the device has superior audio dynamic performance, 24-bit resolution and 96kHz sampling. The USB input is handled by a competent PCM2704, which can handle input sampling rates up to 48kHz.

The DIYEDEN SVDAC04-U excellent headphone amplifier with volume controls delivers the power that is capable of driving a wide variety of headphone loads with low distortion. The gain control sets the output level of the headphone jacks.

The DIYEDEN SVDAC04-U has a coax out that allows you to convert USB or Toslink to Coax. Simply select the input using the input selector and attach a coax to the digital out.
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