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davidkay 08:50 AM 07-20-2011
In the first of a new series of quick reviews, we're taking a look at AKG's K601 headphones. The K601 is very similar in appearance and construction to AKG's more well known K701/702/Q701 flagship series, but it has it's own sound signature that in some ways has more appeal than the 701 range.

The K601 uses AKG's self adjusting band, which allows for a quick and comfortable fit. The velour pads are quite large, and wearers may find that they need to experiment with positioning to achieve the best sound. I found that pushing the headphones forward on my head pulled the midrange forward, at the expense of some soundstage width and bass response.

The sound of the K601 is more balanced than the lean and treble-tilted K701. Resolution and detail levels are lower, but the fuller bass and lower midrange response make the K601 much better suited for rock music. Dynamic punch is still fairly minimal as one would expect of a mid price open headphone, so fans of heavy metal, techno, and hip hop should look elsewhere. The K601 is most in its element with acoustic music, where its wide and enveloping soundstage and good instrumental separation provides for a very enjoyable experience. Those considering the Sennheiser HD-598 or Audio-Technica AD900 should definitely give the AKG K601 an auditon.
liyucmh 05:29 PM 11-07-2011
nice sharing, but i think the technology come from Beats by Dre, is it?
Wav 01:56 AM 04-15-2012
Originally Posted by liyucmh:
nice sharing, but i think the technology come from Beats by Dre, is it?
No, that's not correct. Also, AKG is building studio headphones since decades. Why should it buy technology from a company that is merely producing consumer headphones?
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