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AJ Admin 02:08 PM 12-03-2010
If you are interested in writing articles for AJ, post up your credentials in this thread. Let us know what you plan on bringing to the table.

All interested parties will be considered.

dan_gravell 04:17 PM 12-03-2010
[Apologies in advance for the lack of links in this post, I'm not allowed to post links until I've made 30 posts!]

Hey! I'm interested in writing about digital music. I've been organising large music libraries for over a decade now and I already run a blog at the music library management blog: blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/ .

For an example post, here're my musings on why digital music libraries get harder to manage as they grow: blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2010/10/02/large-music-collection-gardening

Note: the 'blisshq.com' domain is a domain for a commercial software product. I write about digital music management in general though, over and above the product, so I'm still hoping I might be able to write about digital music management for Audio Junkies too!
borzenkov 06:48 PM 12-03-2010
Well, being a deputy editor-in-chief for the russian Stereo&Video magazine, I guess I could write something here. May be some DIY russian hi-fi gimmicks? I can find something of that kind here. Unfortunately my english is not that good, so this could be the issue...
nyfinia 07:13 PM 01-11-2011
lol seriously
liyucmh 05:42 PM 11-07-2011
I have something to say, but my english is poor...
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